December 14, 2017

Center Programs & Services

Pediatric Oncology Patient Care Navigator Program

  • A licensed certified Pediatric Oncology Nurse who assists young patients and families navigate their way through the difficult journey of childhood cancer.
  • Provides educational support related to diagnosis, medications, treatment plan and late effects after treatment is completed.
  • Facilitates physical emotional and financial assistance.
  • Collaborates with other medical and supportive care providers.
  • Coordinates local, state and national resources to meet the needs of the patient and family.
  • Provides community education and awareness.

Child Enrichment Program

  • Certified specialist trained in child development who provides therapeutic arts and crafts, play and interaction for patients and siblings in the Kids Cancer Center and Hospital.
  • Teaches patients and families special techniques to use during procedures and treatments.
  • Develops and facilitates arts and craft, cooking and painting classes
  • Coordinates & educates KCF Volunteers
  • Educational Advocacy Program
  • Advocates for patients and families with the school system
  • Coordinates Hospital/Homebound students
  • Assists and coordinates for school re-entry
  • Facilitates Neuropsychology testing
  • Tutoring for patients and siblings
  • Provides educational assistance for all ages and grade levels with their studies.

Gift Card Program

  • Enables families to purchase basic necessities of food, clothing and gas to come to and from treatment.
  • Family Socials and Kids Night Out
  • Free, fun and entertaining events outside of the hospital.
  • Benefit patients and families by allowing them the opportunity to network with one another.

Portable Play Carts and Treasure Chests

  • Colorful carts stocked with video games, toys, board games and arts and crafts.
  • Toy chests filled with special treats at the Doctors office and Hospital.

Legacy Bead Program

  • Allows patients to collect colorful beads that represent their journey through treatment.