December 14, 2017

Founder’s Campaign Donors

Soccer Boy

Founding Partners

Batchelor Foundation
Jeff Santamaria
The Children’s Hospital at Palms West

Founder’s Circle Members

Abe Debabneh
Arthur Remillard
Commissioner Jess R. Santamaria
In Honor of Ainsley Erb
In Honor of Rachel Goldenberg
NFL Alumni South Florida Chapter
Palm Beach Sheriff Office
Smoke Inn

Founding Friends

Hewlett Environmental Services Employees
In Honor of Courtney Wolfe
In Loving Memory of Jack Maxwell, III
In Memory of Jenna McCann
In Memory of Jerry Fonda
In Memory of Sebastion Sarmiento
Joseph Rivera Foundation Inc.
Lorrie Browne Interiors
Little Smiles
Lost Tree Charitable Foundation
Once a Month Charities
Palm Beach County Firefighter Officer
Development Academy #20
Ruth and Paul Chiapparone
Terri Kane
The Closet Girl
Whole Foods Market Wellington
Wycliffe Charities Foundation, Inc.


Gold Everyday Heroes

Bush Brothers Provisions Co.
Col Wright Services
Emilio and Daime Machado
Frank and Eileen Dowling
Frank and Jenelle Teodosto
Friends for Life Foundation
Gary Rowan
Gregory and Lisa Lineham
Hi-Tech Plumbing
HMY Yacht Sales, Inc.
In Honor of Jarod Malnik
In Honor of Jason Weprin
In Memory of Abraham Goldman
In Memory of Amber Gorin
In Memory of Fannie Trischetta
In Memory of Fredrick Contini
In Memory of Joan Trischetta
In Memory of Jocelyne Davis
In Memory of Kay Rowland
In Memory of Linda List
In Memory of Peggy Toomey
In Memory of Steven Pliskow
In Memory of Tommy Murphy
In Loving Memory of Charles R. Piver
In Loving Memory of Howard Shenkman
In Loving Memory of  Yolanda Mascia
Isabelle Tamboe
James Lala
Kathy Hegedom
Kelly and Michael Wiener
Knights of Columbus Council #8419
Laura Varney
Larry & Elaine Smith
Neimann Marcus Employees
Palm Stables
Palms West Medical Staff
Pinciana Ladies Social Club
Raymond Harrell | South Florida Sales & Services
Sheldon and Helene Newman
Short Stacks Restaurant
Sweets Foundation
Two Swann Farms
Wellington Quarantine